Tracy Boeyink, Board President:

30 years ago, just after moving to Silverton, Maryanne Fearn knocked on our door and asked if we would be interested in performing in local theatre. With trepidation, I said yes and I’ve been involved with ATG ever since, with my children following suit. Seeing and feeling the joy, challenge and personal growth that performance brings to people of all ages and abilities has made me a life-long supporter. My local productions include The Crucible, A Christmas Carol, Godspell, Little Orphan Annie, Maid of the Mist, the Wild, Wild, Wildest West, radio production of It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Curious Savage. Although I now live in Albuquerque, I am dedicated to ensuring that ATG continues to bring quality theatre experiences to Silverton.

Tate Reaves, Board Vice President:

Tate Reaves has her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University Global and is currently at Liberty School of Law.  Tate has earned her Early Childhood Education Certificate from PCC. She studied under the notorious and local Mollie Mook Fiddler at the University of Colorado at Denver- Theatre, Film, and Television. As well studied theatre at Colorado State University. She has been the Lead Teacher at Riverhouse Learning Center and at Smarty Pants Early Learning in Durango. A dance and theatre teacher at Kids and the Arts, Co-Coach, and Choreographer of Southwest Cheer Leading Squad. She is a visual artist, acrylic painter, and an accomplished stage actress across Colorado. Tate is an advocate, writer, director, and storyteller. She is a well-established Entrepreneur and has run her own Travel Agency for two years. Tate takes the most pride in being a single mother of two

Misti Anderson, Secretary:

Misti is originally from a small town in West Texas. She graduated from Texas Tech University and went on to work as a medical device representative for over 16 years. Her love of books is untimely what brought Misti to Silverton. As a young girl, books were her escape and she could always be found with her head in a book. Now as an adult, Misti still loves books and is passionate about the public library system and what a valuable asset it is to the community. Her years spent moving duty stations as a Marine wife have allowed Misti to immerse herself in various libraries all over the country. Misti is currently the Silverton Public Library director. Along with the library comes Misti’s love for community and theater. She enjoys reading plays as well as acting herself. Misti lives in Silverton with her husband, a retired Marine Corps veteran, and her two daughters, Ella and Valerie. 

Anna Amundson, Board Member:

Anna Amundson is a healthcare trainer and theater artist. One summer in her teens she and her family saw The Rainmaker by ATG, which stuck with her for years. She attended Wright State University in Dayton, OH where she earned her BFA in Acting. While in school, she was delighted to be invited to return to ATG and build sets, pass out posters, and perform, direct, and lead classes with the Sliverton Summer Youth Program for five summers. Some of her favorite credits in Denver, Silverton, and elsewhere include Complete Works of Will Shkspr Abridged (Daniel), 110 in the Shade (Lizzie), Damn Yankees (Gloria), Rumors (Cookie), The Real Thing (Annie), Hamlet (Gravedigger) and Fools (Mishkin). She lives in Littleton, CO with her husband, two kids, and a menagerie of pets who keep her busy with all things soccer and outdoor adventures. 

Mary Moris, Board Member:

Mary has her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Idaho. She first became involved with A Theatre Group in 1993 in George Bernard Shaw’s, Misalliance. Upon discovering her passion for acting Mary attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts earning an AoS in Acting. After graduation, she did a variety of productions in New York City before returning to the West to work with A Theatre Group. In 2001 Mary moved to Salmon, Idaho to care for her mother and began co-directing and building a high school drama program in Salmon, continuing the philosophy of A Theatre Group. After returning to Silverton and teaching in the school for several years Mary moved to Boise, Idaho, and is currently active with community theatre in the area. Mary is currently in rehearsal for A Mad Breakfast as part of Eagle Theatre Groups Inaugural productions opening in late January 2023. 

Nate Smith, Artistic Director