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  emerging, and community artists.~


July – Night of shorts. (Dates TBD)

August – 4,000 Miles (Dates TBD)


November 23, 2022

In hopes of not overdoing the concept of gratitude during the holidays, A Theatre Group would like to take this opportunity to express thanks as well as hope for the coming year. We are proud and extremely excited to have accomplished a rebirth of community theatre with a successful 2021-2022 season, ATG’s 34th year. We cannot thank enough those who contributed to our success – members old and new, actors, prop and costume providers, advertisers, and audience. We are so grateful for the accomplishments including a holiday radio production, 2 full-length plays, and a writer’s workshop. In my mind, one of the most remarkable benefits of live theatre is the gathering of the community. I personally am grateful for these blessed moments in time when we can set aside our differences and share a laugh, a tear, contemplation, hopes, and dreams. In ATG’s long-standing tradition, we bring young and old together in a safe and enriching space for creativity and expression. Please consider participating in our season, as we are always in need of actors and tech support. Don’t let inexperience keep you from participating – I believe you won’t regret it! Otherwise, we thank you for filling the seats. We are currently planning our 2022-2023 calendar of productions and events and will be starting our season by resurrecting the Silverton Follies in January (date/location TBD), where the community can share their flair and creativity through song, dance, skits, poetry or any form of family entertainment. We also intend to produce at least two theatrical productions between May and September as well as a writer’s workshop.ATG is also extremely grateful for the financial support that has helped to stabilize the organization. We are seeing our membership grow, and enthusiastic audiences and are hopeful for grant support from within and outside of Silverton. The business community has shown its support through advertising and providing venues. We are so optimistic that we can continue to flourish with your help. Whether you choose to begin or renew your yearly membership at $10.00 or opt for a lifetime membership at $1000.00, any tax-deductible donation will help us to keep moving forward.ATG would not be where it is today if it weren’t for the dedicated Board of Directors steering the ship. This group is talented and experienced in theatre as actors, technical directors, fundraisers, and educators.

Nate Smith, Artistic Director,
Misti Anderson, Board Member
SecretaryTracy Boeyink, President
Mary Morris, Board Member
Anna Amundson, Board Member
Tate Reaves, Vice President

Lastly, we are grateful for your encouragement throughout this past season. After all, if you aren’t enjoying local theatre, what’s the point? May your upcoming year be abundant with loved ones, good health, and good memories in the making.

We thank you for being a part of our theatre family.
Tracy Boeyink, President
Board of Directors
A Theatre Group